Live Well Hour PairedLive Well San Diego is the County of San Diego’s vision for a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving. Although Live Well San Diego began in 2010 as a health strategy, it has evolved into a greater vision to improve the health, safety and well-being of all County residents. Designed to improve the quality of life for all San Diegans, Live Well is not about any one organization… it’s a movement! There are three components:

1. Building Better Health calls for improving the health of all residents and supporting healthy choices

2. Living Safely calls for ensuring residents are protected from crime and abuse, neighborhoods are safe and communities are resilient to disasters and emergencies

3. Thriving calls for cultivating opportunities for all people and communities to grow, connect, and enjoy the highest quality of life

Spreading the Word through the Live Well Radio Hour

Live Well San Diego involves everyone. Only through a collective effort can meaningful change be achieved in a region as large and diverse as San Diego County. The purpose of the Live Well Radio Hour is spread this powerful message to individuals and organizations who have the ability and willingness to contribute to the vision.

Tell Your Story!

The LWSD Radio Hour is Co-hosted weekly by HHSA Director Nick Macchione
The LWSD Radio Hour is Co-hosted weekly by HHSA Director Nick Macchione

The Live Well Radio Hour is Co-hosted weekly by Chase Peckham, Brian Blackburn, and Nick Macchione.

Chase Peckham is Director, Community Outreach and a Certified Personal Finance Counselor (C.P.F.C) and Educator (C.E.P.F.) for the San Diego Financial Literacy Center. His goals are to Inspire, Inform and Empower those around him.

Brian Blackburn is a strategic partner in a portfolio of financial service companies.  He has a passion for helping people and a desire to have everyone he encounters reach their potential.

Nick Macchione is the Director of HHSA at the County of San Diego. If your organization is having a positive impact on the quality of life in San Diego, we’d like to tell your story on the Live Well Radio Hour… and invite you to be a part of the movement.

If you or your organization would like to be considered, please contact us here.

Organizations can become Live Well San Diego Recognized Partners by making a formal commitment to support the vision. Recognized Partners include regional businesses, health care providers, non-profits and community, municipal and faith-based organizations.

Learn more about becoming a recognized partner here.

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